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Unlimited stories

Simple, user-friendly storytelling tool

Talenote is an intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use tool. You don’t need to know coding to deliver unlimited presentations. You can start from scratch to delight your audience and achieve multiple goals.


Creative workflow with other users

Talenote includes the possibility of collaboration in the remote work system. As the owner of the presentation, you decide on the cooperation terms. Take advantage of networking and work creatively with other users.


Suitable graphic and
layout designs

Talenote provides ready-made templates and presets. These features will help you to build successive layers of unlimited presentations step by step. As a result, your content will be much more visually appealing.

Cloud-based technology

Asset optimization
and work comfort

Talenote enables the uploading and sharing of media assets and embeds. As a cloud-based app, it allows working from anywhere with internet access. It provides security, saves disk space, and increases the prospects for collaboration.

More features

Unlimited stories
Templates and presets
Publishing and hosting
Collaboration with your team
Cloud-based technology

Story analytics
Integration with your domain
Full responsiveness
SEO friendly


We designed four plans to fit every industry.
Take a look and choose the one matching your needs.



For who?

Content creators, photojournalists, freelancers

Best for

Testing features


No publication feature

All app features

Storage: 50MB

Transfer: 10GB / month



For who?

Content creators, photojournalists, freelancers

Best for

Reports, articles, blogs, newsletters



All app features

Storage: 5GB

Transfer: 100GB / month

$9.99/ MONTH


For who?

Media, educational institutions, non-profit organizations

Best for

Landing pages, reports, case studies



All app features

Storage: 5GB

Transfer: Total users x 200GB / month

$9.99/ MONTH / USER


If you need custom features, we will adapt Talenote to your business needs.

We will design dedicated integrations, tailor-made presentations, and white-label solutions.

We will develop customized marketing campaigns for different markets and industries.

We will answer your questions and find a solution. Then we will draft and implement the action plan.

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