Get started

Clickable Button Settings Overview

After adding the clickable button, the „Button” section will appear in the right toolbar where you can:

  1. Insert the text that will be inside the clickable button – by default, the text is „Read more”
  2. Add a link that will be displayed to the user when they click the clickable button and indicate whether it will be displayed in a new browser window
  3. Choose the shape of the clickable button
  4. Choose its positioning in the section – on the left, right, or in the middle of the section
  5. Select its color
  6. Select the color of its contour
  7. Select the size of its font
  8. Select the distance of the clickable button from the top, bottom, left and right sides of the slide

Access to the Clickable Button Settings: 

  1. Select the text block you want to turn into the clickable button
  2. A toolbar will appear above the text, starting with the „T” (set default text style) and „H1-H6” (header selection) icons
  3. Click the „ellipsis” icon (the eighth icon from the left)
  4. Clicking the „ellipsis” icon will replace the given text block with the clickable button and open the „Button” section in the right toolbar