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Inline Text Editing

In the „Inline text” edition, you can add media as the background of the text block.

Detailed description: 

  1. Highlight the piece of text. Above the highlighted piece of text, an additional toolbar will appear with icons allowing you to add images, video, or audio
  2. Click the icon to display „Image” settings in the right toolbar
    Click „Add media,” and it will take you to the „Media Library”
  3. You can choose the width of the added media
  4. After entering a given file in the text block, more options will appear in the right toolbar: 
    • „Add Media” – the possibility to change („Change”) and delete a given image („Delete”)
    • „Media Description” – the possibility to insert a description of the given media, which will be displayed below
    • „Description Color” – the possibility of selecting the color and transparency of the description of a given medium using the large color rectangle, color slider or by entering the HEX number