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Editing the Text

In Talenote, a text block can be a text, paragraph, button, divider, or quote. You can also insert media into it. To open a top toolbar, select the particular text block. Above the text, a top toolbar with the following options will appear:

  1. „T” – default text style
  2. „H1-H6” – possibility to select the appropriate header. Choosing a specific header affects the positioning of your page. Read more about the header hierarchy here.
  3. „Button” – possibility to add a clickable button. Read more about button settings here.
  4. „List” – for segregating verses by points
  5. „Numbered list” – for segregating verses by numbered list
  6. „Divider” – possibility to add a line that will separate paragraphs for visual effect. When clicked, a toolbar will expand on the right
  7. „Tx” – possibility to delete formatting
  8. „Indentation of a text block”
  9. „Quoting” 
  10. „Adding image”
  11. „Adding video”
  12. „Adding audio”
  13. „Adding media”