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Editing the Presentation in the Dashboard

When you hover the cursor over the presentation cover in the „Drafts” column, the „pencil” icon will appear. When clicked, it will take you to edit the presentation in the Editor. Read more about how the Editor works here.

Each presentation tile in the Dashboard contains:

  1. The name of the presentation 
  2. The „three dots” icon, that, when clicked, will display additional editing options for stories, such as:
    1. „Preview” – possibility to go to a preview of the presentation
    2. „Edit” – possibility to go to edit the presentation in the Editor
    3. „Collaboration” – possibility to open a modal with collaboration settings
    4. „Publication” – possibility of publishing the presentation
    5. „Copy” – possibility to copy the presentation by clicking the „Copy” button, which will create a copy with the name of the presentation and the word „Copy”
    6. „Delete” – possibility to delete the presentation (note that this option is irreversible)
    7. „Share” – available only for published presentations („Published”)

In addition, the title of the presentation in which you are using the „Collaboration” contains the „person” icon, which, when clicked, displays the collaboration settings for this presentation.