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Sort „In Collaboration”

By clicking „In Collaboration,” you can additionally display the presentation due to:

  • The person who owns it („Owner”) 
  • The person who is a co-author („Collaborator”)

In addition, after selecting the „Collaborator” category, you can specify whether you want to see the presentation in which a particular contributor:

  1. Has „All” permissions (collaborator can view and edit the presentation)
  2. Has the „Edit” permission (the collaborator has been invited to edit the presentation)
  3. Has the „View” permission (contributor has been invited only to view the presentation)

Read more about the permissions of co-authors and collaborations here.

You can also sort all presentations alphabetically, from newest to oldest and reverse.

  1. To sort presentations in order from newest to oldest, select „Sort” and „Newest” in the upper left corner of the Dashboard 
  2. To sort presentations in alphabetical order, select „Sort” and „A-Z” or „Z-A” in the upper left corner of the Dashboard