Get started

Access to the „Header Settings”

  1. Click „Header” in the left toolbar below „Sections”
  2. „Header Settings” will appear in the right toolbar

In the „Header Settings,” you can edit:

  1. Visibility – that is, whether the headline is visible or not. Read more about the visibility of the header here.  
  2. Menu Display – that is, whether the navigation located on the header, in the version of the presentation displayed on the computer, should be displayed:  
    • As a list of section names, displayed sequentially side by side
    • As a „hamburger” icon (3 horizontal lines arranged one below the other) which will expand the list of section names when clicked

For the presentation displayed on a mobile device, the navigation will always be displayed as a „hamburger” icon. Read more about the navigation’s appearance here.

  1. „Logo” – that is, the possibility to add your product or company logo in the left corner of the header. Read more about logo settings here.
  2. „Navigation” – that is, the possibility to select navigation links that will take the user to a specific section of the presentation. Navigation links are named the same as the sections they are to take you to, so it is important to name them appropriately. Read more about navigation here.