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Setting the Color of the Navigation (Links to Specific Sections)

You can set the color of the navigation (links to particular sections) in the „Header Settings” section. 

Detailed description: 

  1. Click „Header” in the left toolbar below „Sections” 
  2. „Header Settings” will appear in the right toolbar
  3. Find „Navigation Color” 
  4. Select the color on the color scale slider located below the large color rectangle
  5. You will see the header color change immediately in your presentation
  6. Once you have selected the color, you can adjust its hue and brightness
  7. To do this, move the circle icon on the large color rectangle to your preferred location
  8. Once you have selected a color, you can also adjust the opacity of the color
  9. You can do this by moving the slider corresponding to transparency, located below the large color rectangle and the color scale slider
  10. You can also enter the HEX number 
  11. The HEX number will update if you change the hue, brightness, or transparency of a particular color
  12. You will see the changes immediately on your slide