Get started

Adding the Color Sample in the Editor

  • Highlight the portion of text whose color you want to change
  • On the toolbar that will automatically appear below highlighted portion of text, select the „paint container” icon (the fifth icon from the left)
  • Click the „paint container” icon, and the following will appear: a large color rectangle for selecting shades, a color scale slider for selecting a color, a slider corresponding to transparency, a small square displaying the current settings and HEX number
  • Below the HEX number, you can add new color samples 
  • To add a new color sample, select the color, hue, brightness, and transparency, then click the „+” sign below the HEX number
  • The new color sample will appear as a small square displaying the selected color between the HEX number and the „+” and „−” signs 
  • You can add many color samples 
  • Clicking the particular color samples will change the color of the highlighted text