Get started

Adding the Color Sample in the „Section Settings”

  1. Hover the cursor over the particular section, and the „Section Settings” button will appear in its upper right corner (next to the „Delete,” „Duplicate,” and „Copy” buttons)
  2. Click the „Section Settings” button, and the „Section Settings” section will appear on the right toolbar
  3. Find „Background Color” below „Align”
  4. Select the color on the color scale slider or by typing HEX number
  5. You can then also set its hue, brightness, and transparency: 
    • To change the hue and brightness, move the circle icon located on the large color rectangle to your preferred location
    • To change transparency, move the slider corresponding to transparency which is located below the large color rectangle and the smaller color palette slider 
  6. Once you have selected the color, you can save it as a color swatch by clicking the „+” sign displayed below the HEX number 
  7. The new color swatch will be saved as a small square filled with the given color below the HEX number
  8. You can save many color swatches that will allow you to navigate more easily through a given shade or a given color palette
  9. When you click on each one, you will see the corresponding HEX number and the degree of transparency, hue, and brightness on your slide