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Section Margin

You can change the section margins in „Section Margin” in the „Section Settings” section. By default, the top and bottom margins are on. You can turn them off by clicking on the boxes next to „Margin Top” and „Margin Bottom.” Section margin parameters can be set in „Story Settings.” Read more about settings here.

Detailed description: 

  • Hover the cursor over the particular section, and the „Section Settings” button will appear in its upper right corner (next to the „Delete,” „Duplicate,” and „Copy” buttons)
  • Click the „Section Settings” button, and the „Section Settings” section will appear on the right toolbar
  • Find „Section Margin” below „Background Color”
  • Here you can determine whether the top or bottom margin should be turned on 
  • You can turn off individual margins by unchecking the boxes next to „Margin Top” and „Margin Bottom”
  • By default, the margins are on
  • To change the top and bottom margin parameters, go to „Story Settings”