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Aligning to the Left or Right

You can set the composition of the preset to the left or right side in the „Section Settings” section. 

Detailed description: 

  1. Click the „+” sign in the circle that will appear at the bottom of the section when you hover the cursor over it
  2. The „Choose From Presets” section will be displayed in the right toolbar below the „Add Blank Section”
  3. Choose one of the presets from „Choose From Presets”
  4. After you hover the cursor over the preset, buttons will appear in its upper right corner: „Delete,” „Duplicate,” „Copy,” and „Section Settings” 
  5. Click the „Section Settings” button and the „Section Settings” section will appear on the right toolbar
  6. Find „Align” below „Height”
  7. Choose whether the preset will be aligned to the left or the right