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Managing the Preset Settings Overview

  1. You can manage the preset settings by clicking the „Section Settings” button that will appear at the top of the preset when you hover the cursor over it. Click the button and the „Section Settings” section will appear in the right toolbar where you can:
    • Change the name of the preset („Section name”)
    • Choose the background of the preset („Background Scroll Effect”)
    • Set height of the preset („Height”)
    • Justify the preset to the left or right („Align”)
    • Set text box color and transparency using the large color rectangle, color slider, or by entering the HEX number („Background Color”)
    • Set the top and bottom margins of all sections in your presentation („Section Margin”)
    • Change or delete background media and, if this option is available, determine video parameters („Background Media”)
    • Add an audio file („Background Audio”)

Read more about section settings here.